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Nannette Johnson

Phone | 706.499/4701

Nannette Johnson discovered the joy of clay late in life. But once she did, she was off and running. She makes functional pieces yet tends toward the folksy and whimsical. Her work reflects the South and Central American and Caribbean folk art that she enjoys in her travels. She sees parallels between that native art and Appalachian folk themes, colors and execution. It’s what Nannette calls “honest art”.

She usually works two or three days a week in her studio, but being serious about making pottery does not mean Nannette makes serious pottery. Vivid squared-off cows, absurd purple pigs riding in shiny red wagons and quirky tall birdhouses embellished with flowers and cutout windows spring to life from her imagination. That childlike honesty shows animals, funny face mugs, homey teapots or her monochrome “Playground” series that depict children and animals sharing fun in a topsy turvy world — Nannette’s world.

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