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Frank Lustig

Frank is from the Piedmont area of Clemmons, North Carolina. He grew up in Tanglewood Park before it became publicly owned. Working there as a youngster and through college he developed a love of nature including animals plants, and flowers. He enjoyed the feel and smell of the earth and red clay in which they grew as well. Little did he know at the time but this love would be rekindled later in life when he began making hand built pottery.

After experimenting with watercolors and the potter’s wheel, Frank discovered he loved the feel of clay in his hands and a new hand builder emerged.

While contrasting his career in chemical engineering, manufacturing, and project management he still found he enjoys creating challenging designs which push the boundaries of pottery while reflecting his life long love of nature. Frank finds it interesting to incorporate elements of shape, textures, and color from his past experiences. A gratifying sense of accomplishment is realized when all of the above elements come together in the completed art piece.

During his short time as a potter he has had numerous pieces selected for juried shows and participates in art festivals in South Carolina and Georgia, and shows his work in galleries in these states as well as North Carolina.

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