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Donna Rainey

Phone | 864.320.0845

As a teenager I loved taking photographs. My love of photography continued when I got married and my two daughters were born. With a family. working full time and going to college, my photography was limited to vacations, holidays, and family photos. Eventually, life got in the way and the camera was used less and less.  In 2013, I bought a new camera as my cousin wanted to take up photography and my passion was reborn.

I love to capture images that will invoke an emotional response or a forgotten memory for the viewer.  My inspiration comes from the timeless beauty in nature as well as objects that represents Americana.  It may be a waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation or an old abandoned rusty truck. If the photograph has given the viewer a chance to pause, I feel I have accomplished my goal.

I have a great eye for composition and envisioning the finished product and make the effort to capture unique landscapes or other objects of interest.

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