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Carol van Dyck

Phone | 770.337.2780

I am primarily a watercolorist and love the outdoors. My paintings reflect the beauty of the forest and rivers found in north Georgia. I love to go hiking all year round and with our travels I like to paint the many scenes that my husband and I encounter.

I try to convey the color and relationships found in nature’s design. I enjoy using watercolor to create the fluid movement of the water and the scene at hand. I come from a family of artists, of various disciplines and have always been interested in seeing things a bit differently.

I also paint and draw in other mediums. Over the years I have stretched my creativity to handcrafts, costume design, sculpture, murals and teaching in the studio.

I am represented by the LONA Gallery in Lawrenceville, GA.  They have a great selection of local art in North Georgia.

Please see my website:  www.carolvandyck.com for additional information.

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