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Bob McOsker

Phone | 770.939.6035

I grew up in a unique setting, living with my parents and sister in the Gramatan Hotel in Westchester County, New York, on account of my father being the Resident Manager. After college, graduate school, and four years in the US Navy I moved to Atlanta in 1973 where I met my wife Marsha and we have been married since 1979.

For the last 25 years until I retired in 2007 I have worked with the public as an Investment Advisor.

I always enjoyed sketching such objects as dogs, trains and particularly automobiles while I was growing up. I built over thirty model cars from kits and painted them when I was in high school.

I have taken only one art lesson so far, so I think it is a fair statement to say that I am self-taught. I have learned what I know primarily from observation of art and from art instruction books, videos, lots of practice. I have now been painting with acrylics for four years, part time. I paint primarily from photographs of subjects Marsha has taken during our travels.

One unexpected benefit from my art work is that painting landscapes and seascapes has given me a greater appreciation of the beauty of the world around me.

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